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My Roofer Knows I Started an Insurance Claim – Why Won’t They Give Me an Estimate?

April 16th, 2024 | 3 min read

By Jeffrey Linta

“What does the insurance process have to do with my roofing company?”

“Why won’t my roofer just give me an estimate?”

It can be very frustrating to find that your roofer does not want to provide you an estimate when they know you filed an insurance claim. It may seem like your roofer is being a bit stubborn. After all, most roofing companies claim that their process is fairly easy.

In short, the reason a roofing company may not provide you with a roofing estimate (once the insurance claim process has begun) is because it can complicate the insurance process significantly. 

We know this because at Linta Roofing we help around 300 customers through the insurance claims process per year. We’ve seen plenty of customers get themselves into sticky situations when they start the insurance claims process on their own. 

In this article we will talk about why roofing companies may not provide you an estimate and why starting an insurance claim before meeting with a trusted roofer can result in a lower quality roof than you deserve. 

Why a Roofer Might Not Provide an Estimate on Your Roof

A roofer may not provide you with a roofing estimate once you’ve started the insurance process because of the scope of work. 

What does this mean?

The ‘scope of work’ is a detailed description of all the tasks that are involved in completing a quality roof installation. Your insurance company and your roofing company may have different perspectives on the scope of work that would ensure a top-notch roofing system. While it is unlikely to happen on purpose, an insurance adjuster may leave out items that are required by code. This is why you want a trained roofer in your corner when dealing with an insurance claim.

The reason the scope of work matters is because most roofing companies that have experience with the insurance process will create their estimates using a software called Xactimate. Xactimate is used by almost all major insurance companies. 

This is a cost averaging software that updates each month based on local area codes. The insurance company uses Xactimate to provide a homeowner with the most accurate estimate. So, although roofing companies use the same software, they still may not give you an estimate.

Because it is not so much about price but about scope. When your roofer does not know what work has been approved he/she is not able to provide a price. The issue boils down to list items. 

How Insurance List Items Impact Your Roofers Ability to Provide an Estimate

When a roofer is not involved in the insurance process, it leaves them with a series of questions about the line items the insurance company is accounting for. 

Shingles are just one of many line items, but your roofer also wants to know additional information like: Screenshot 2024-04-14 6.28.43 PM

  • What type of underlayment was approved? 
  • What type of  ridge cap was approved?
  • Was interior damage approved? 
  • What was the scope of the approval? 

Not only that, but they also want to ensure that code items were included. For instance, drip edge is required by code, but it is not always included in the line items an insurance company provides. 

To put it into perspective, the reason a roofer won’t provide an estimate is because they can’t provide an estimate if they don’t know what’s included. Not only that, but they are responsible for installing any items required by code.

As an example, if you were to go to a car dealership and ask for a car price, the dealer will want to know the details. Would you like a car or a truck? Do you want power windows or the ones you roll up? Do you want a sunroof? etc. If the dealer is not given this information, it is nearly impossible for them to give a price for a car. 

This is a similar situation your roofer finds themselves in when the insurance process has already started by the time they enter the picture. It becomes a guessing game of what the total scope would actually cost. 

In this scenario, there are some roofers who may come up with an average price – but they won’t be able to explain to you exactly what they plan to do. And in turn, you’re less likely to receive a high quality roofing system that will protect your home for years to come.

Sharing Your Insurance Approval with Your Roofer Benefits You

It can be frustrating to go through the insurance process – and even more frustrating when your roofer won’t give you an estimate because you already started that process.

The truth is that most homeowners are unaware of the 7 things they should know before starting a claim or how the insurance process works. This makes various aspects of their roofing project like ‘scope of work’ or ‘estimating software’ seem foreign. However, it is important to remember that your roofing company is on your side. Which is why it is so important to contact a trusted roofing company first.

If you’ve already started a claim for a new roof, it is beneficial to share any information the insurance company has given with a trusted roofing company. This allows your roofing company to advocate for you to provide you with a high-quality roofing solution.

And as always, if you need additional assistance or information, we at Linta Roofing are happy to help you find the most comprehensive solution for your roofing problems.

Jeffrey Linta

Jeffrey Linta is a 3rd generation roofer who grew up working in his family's roofing business (Linta Roofing, Inc.). He got his start tearing off roofs during the summer while attending North Myrtle Beach High School. Now running one of the most successful roofing businesses in the Grand Strand area, Jeffrey has lived and breathed roofing for his entire working career. Some of his accolades include GAF Master Elite Contractor, SC Safehome certified contractor, Group 5 SC Licensed Commercial Contractor, and GAF Master Commercial roofing contractor. Under his leadership, Linta Roofing, Inc. has served thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Grand Strand area. Linta Roofing achieved awards like the Sun News’s “Best of the Beach” and A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all while receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews year after year. Jeffrey is a Grand Strand born and raised local. When he is not running Linta Roofing, he spends time fishing with his wife Erica and walking the beach with his dog Dixie.