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6 Problems with a Metal Roof in Myrtle Beach (2024)

July 9th, 2024 | 5 min read

By Jeffrey Linta

metal roof

No matter how you slice it, metal roof replacements are going to exceed the cost of roofing shingles, every single time. And that is because it requires a high level of skill to install a metal roof, but when it is installed correctly, metal roofs tend to last much longer than shingle roofing systems. 

I’m probably not saying anything about metal roofs that you haven’t already heard before. And as the President of Linta Roofing I can assure you that roofing companies want to provide you with glowing reviews of metal roofing systems because of their high cost. 

So while I believe metal roofs are superior in terms of durability compared to shingle roofs (especially in the Myrtle Beach area) I also recognize that there are problems with metal roofs that may or may not be an issue for you and your goals for your home. And it wouldn’t be fair to provide you with an excellent report when I know there are problems with metal roofing systems that you’ll want to be aware of before you consider one for your roof replacement.

The 6 main problems with metal roofs include:

  1. Cost
  2. Maintenance
  3. Costly Repairs
  4. Scuffing & Scratching
  5. Rusting
  6. Denting from Hail

And we'll talk about why these 6 things may or may not be an issue for you. Let's take a look at the 6 problems with a metal roof.

Problem #1 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Cost

metal roofA metal roof is going to be more costly to install than even the highest quality roof shingle. The price usually sits between $13,500 & $60,000 for a 3,000 square foot roof. The lowest priced metal roofing system is the exposed fastener (sometimes called a corrugated metal roof). This is because the metal is fastened onto the roof with screws, making it a bit easier to install than a standing seam metal roof (sometimes called a hidden fastener metal roof). A standing seam metal roof can cost up to $60,000 depending on the complexity of your roof’s design. 

In comparison, a shingle roof tends to run you between $9,600 to $18,000 for a 3,000 square foot roof depending on the complexity of your roof’s design. With the higher end of this cost including a number of variables like choice of shingle material. Often, homeowners choose metal over shingle roofing systems because of their longevity, durability, and low maintenance appeal. Which are great reasons to choose a metal roof! But if you choose an exposed fastener metal roof, you may have to have costly maintenance around the 15 year mark.

Problem #2 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Maintenance

On average, the standing seam metal roof is ideal for homeowners who want a low maintenance metal roof option. But, if you’re hoping to achieve a metal roof look at a lower initial cost, you may choose an exposed fastener metal roof. 

Grommet - exposed fastenerThe screws that hold an exposed fastener roof onto your home have rubber washers around them that prevent water intrusion into your home. Over time, these washers can deteriorate, making a replacement of all of these washers necessary. This type of maintenance can cost up to $15,000 to complete based on the size of your roof. Depending on the reasons you have to install a metal roof on your home, this is something to consider in terms of the long-term investment that comes with an exposed fastener metal roof.

And although metal roofs are more durable than shingles, they can still be subject to damage from the elements. In the event that your metal roof is damaged, the cost of a repair is significantly higher than a shingle roof repair. 

Problem #3 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Costly Repairs

In order to repair a metal roof, your roofer will likely need to remove the entire panel and replace it. If the damage spans across multiple panels, multiple panels will need to be replaced. Unlike a shingle roof repair, a metal roof repair requires a more comprehensive fix. 

If you have a shingle roof and a tree branch were to puncture the shingle material, a repair of that small area would need to be completed. On the other hand, damage to your metal roof would be a much more involved repair process. Not only that, but if panels are scratched or scuffed, they may be subjected to more pervasive damage than meets the eye. 

Problem #4 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Scuffing & Scratching

Metal roofing panels are coated with a corrosion resistant material to keep them from rusting due to rain and moisture in the air. This coating can be scratched or scuffed down to the raw material either during the roofing project or by other environmental means. 

This can cause the metal to fail prematurely, even with an aluminum roof, which is known for being more durable than steel. If scratching or scuffing occurs during your roofing project, your roofer should be using a touch up pen to seal these areas to prevent rusting in the future.

Problem #5 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Rusting

Rust can be a problem with metal roofing systems. For instance if you have a steel roof installed on a home located close to salt or brackish water, it could be prone to rusting and deterioration. Ultimately causing your roofing system to fail prematurely. 

rusted metal roofI’ve seen this recently in our area. And in this scenario, the metal roof had been installed less than 10 years prior, but had rusted away significantly and required a complete roof replacement. Because of the environment, it was clear that a high quality shingle installation would make the most sense financially in the long-term. Which is what this client ended up choosing over metal. So while metal roofs offer an incredible beachy look to homes on the water, depending on your exact location, your metal roof could be subject to corrosion. 

When it comes to looks, metal roofs have a sophisticated and clean finish. Because they are durable, they’re less likely to become damaged from weather, but if a large hail event occurs, this could decrease a metal roof’s aesthetic appeal.

Problem #6 with Metal Roofing Systems in Myrtle Beach: Denting from Hail

While metal roofs are much less likely to accrue damage from a hail storm, it is still a possibility depending on the thickness of the metal panels installed on your roof. And while hail damage tends to open the door for you to file an insurance claim, it can be an unsightly look until you are able to have all of your metal panels replaced. On the other hand, plenty of homeowners with a shingle roof do not even know they have hail damage until we complete an inspection and inform them of it. Meaning that hail damage is less visibly obvious on a shingle roof than a metal roof. 

And while hail damage can be covered by insurance, it is important to educate yourself on everything you should know before you have to file an insurance claim. Knowing this information beforehand can help you make the decision on whether or not opting for a metal roof is the right decision for your unique home. Not only that, but there are other ways to educate yourself to make sure you are well informed before choosing a roofing material for your home.

How to Navigate Problems with a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are a large investment, an investment that can ultimately save you money in the long run. But as any wise homeowner should, educating yourself on the problems with installing a metal roof is in your best interest.  Not only that, but understanding your homeowners insurance policy and how it works will equip you with the necessary information to make the best decision for your home. 

And while we’ve covered the problems with metal roofs in this article, we know that there are benefits of choosing a metal roof over shingles for certain homeowners. In your search for the right roofing material, we encourage you to compare metal and shingle roofing systems to understand potential problems and potential benefits of each type. 

As always, me and my team are available to discuss these options with you, transparently. So please feel free to contact us so you can get connected with a roofing expert who will answer any additional questions you may have about metal roofing systems.

Jeffrey Linta

Jeffrey Linta is a 3rd generation roofer who grew up working in his family's roofing business (Linta Roofing, Inc.). He got his start tearing off roofs during the summer while attending North Myrtle Beach High School. Now running one of the most successful roofing businesses in the Grand Strand area, Jeffrey has lived and breathed roofing for his entire working career. Some of his accolades include GAF Master Elite Contractor, SC Safehome certified contractor, Group 5 SC Licensed Commercial Contractor, and GAF Master Commercial roofing contractor. Under his leadership, Linta Roofing, Inc. has served thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Grand Strand area. Linta Roofing achieved awards like the Sun News’s “Best of the Beach” and A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all while receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews year after year. Jeffrey is a Grand Strand born and raised local. When he is not running Linta Roofing, he spends time fishing with his wife Erica and walking the beach with his dog Dixie.