Steps Linta Roofing Takes to Offer You an Accurate Roofing Estimate

The price for a quality roof replacement can vary, which may leave you wondering “Why do roofers charge different prices? What do they do differently?”

It is important to know what you’re getting into before you hire a contractor. To understand how we at Linta Roofing determine price, it is vital to know the steps we take when performing an estimate.

From the moment you call Linta Roofing, we are assessing the best way to serve you. This process continues until you have a beautiful, long-lasting new roof. 

This article explains the important stages of getting an estimate from Linta Roofing. It ensures you get a fair and accurate quote. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll take care of everything else!

Now that you know the importance of understanding the pricing process, let’s delve into the steps Linta Roofing takes to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

  1. Discovery Call

After you contact Linta Roofing, one of our project managers will reach out to you for a discovery call. This call helps us understand your concerns related to your roof issues.

Some things we ask:

-How old is your roof?

-Do you have any leaks?

-What are the concerns you’re having with your roof?

This provides a better understanding of the issues you are facing with your roof. The discovery call will help our team determine whether your roof is due for maintenance, a repair, or a full replacement.

Then, the project manager will provide you with information about the services you may need for you to review prior to our on-site inspection. This step allows the on-site inspection to be as effective as possible while saving you time, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

  1. Site Inspection

After the discovery call, we will schedule an on-site inspection of your roof. The inspection will allow us to verify the source of your roofing concerns. If you need a repair, it will help us locate the source of the leak. If you need a replacement, it will allow us to ensure the precision of our satellite imagery measurements, so we can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

The site inspection is a crucial element in determining the final price on your estimate. When we are able to get up on your roof, we can identify issues you may not be aware of like soft spots, which could indicate roof deck damage. If we find further damage on your roof, we can then provide you with an estimate that includes the cost to remedy these issues.

  1. The Estimate

Once we complete the on-site inspection, we can now offer you an accurate estimate. We will use the satellite measurements that we verified during the on-site inspection to estimate the labor and materials necessary for your maintenance plan, repair, or replacement. 

At this point, the Project Manager will make edits to the proposal and present you with an estimate! Your Project Manager will then go through the details of the proposed work they will complete at your home or business and discuss the cost if they are to discover any underlying issues once the project begins.

When you need a roof replacement, you may want to know what to expect ahead of time. A roofing project is a major financial investment. It can be an overwhelming process for homeowners. 

Now that you know our process, you know what to expect from Linta Roofing when you call for an estimate.

Remember as you move forward with your roofing project, it is important to compare not only the price of your estimate but also the contractors themselves.

You don’t have to be in the dark about what you can anticipate from your contractor, but rather continue this process with peace of mind.