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How Much Does a Roof Repair Cost? (Myrtle Beach)

April 2nd, 2024 | 3 min read

By Jeffrey Linta

Damaged roof in need of a repair

After a storm you may find yourself in need of some roof maintenance. Whether you have a leak or notice some misplaced shingles – you know it’s important to act quickly and have some repairs made to your roof. 

And inevitably you’ll wonder “how much will it cost to repair my roof? Can I afford to repair my roof right now?” 

Roof damage can surprise homeowners, and if left untreated, it can worsen over time. Recognizing the urgency, most homeowners understand the importance of addressing it promptly.

While it may seem like a wide price range, a roof repair can cost anywhere between $350 to $4,000+ in the greater Myrtle Beach area depending on a couple of important factors. 

However, in our experience at Linta Roofing, around 80% of our customers' roof repairs cost less than $1,500. The cost of your repair will depend on the unique components of your roofing system. In this article we will go over the 5 factors that can affect the cost of your project so you can get a better gauge on what goes into the final price of your roof repair.

5 Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Roof Repair

1. Repair Size

When it comes to having a repair on your roof, the size of the repair that’s needed will affect the cost. When larger repairs are needed, it may be a sign that there is a deeper issue going on underneath the shingles. This may not be obvious to the naked eye before roof work gets started. These problems could include rotten wood or larger structural damages. Naturally, the more damage you have, the more you’ll pay for your repair.

If you think your roof problem is a large one, it is beneficial to call a reliable roofer who can fix anything inside or outside your roof.

2. Roof Condition

A roof that is in poor condition will require a larger repair to comprehensively correct the issue you’re having. Shingles overlap one another, meaning surrounding shingles are lifted during a repair. When materials are fragile and/or brittle, attempting a repair in a small area can cause significant damage to the surrounding roof material. 

Damaged roof in need of repair

Metal roofs, shingle roofs, and even low slope roofs may not be strong enough to handle a repair if they are older or severely damaged from extreme weather. Not only that, but roof condition can also affect the ability to make a repair in general. If the materials are too brittle to make a reasonable repair, it may be considered “non-repairable” by your insurance and/or a roofing contractor.

3. Roof Height

The number of stories on your home will affect the final price of your roof repair. The more stories you have on your home, the more expensive your roof repair will be. 

The reason height affects repair costs is because a roofer may need special equipment to get on top of your roof.

Even something as simple as caulking a few nails could be an expensive repair if you have a very tall roof because special equipment and additional laborers are needed to complete the job efficiently. 

4. Roof PitchSteep roof repair

The steeper your roof is, the more difficult it is to repair. A steep roof can slow down the repair process because certain precautions are necessary to make sure everyone working on your roof is safe. 

5. Material Type

Material type can impact the cost because all roofing materials have a different cost. The cost of shingles is less than a metal roof. Other materials like tile or cedar are more difficult to work with than shingles, so there could be an additional cost for carpentry work. 

Carpentry work can consist of replacing rotted roof decking, repairing damage from fallen trees or debris, and sometimes rafter sistering or repairs. Any carpentry work of this kind would increase the cost of your roof repair. 

How Navigating Roof Repair Costs Can Help You Make Informed Decisions

When it comes to roof damage most homeowners realize that roof work is both necessary and sometimes an expensive venture. This expense can feel overwhelming when you have unexpected damage. After all, stalling on a roof repair can lead to further damage – not just to your roof but possibly to the interior of your home, too.

With all of these facts in mind, the natural first question is “How much is this going to cost me?” 

And while $350 to $4,000 is a broad price range, we hope it brings you some peace of mind to know that a roof repair on an average home in Myrtle Beach is less than $1,500.

If you find that your repair may be on the higher end of this price range, you may want a roofer to see if you have damage that could be approved for a full roof replacement through your insurance, ultimately lowering future repair costs. We at Linta Roofing are happy to guide you through this process and offer our expert opinion on the condition of your roofing system. 

The Grand Strand area is no stranger to extreme weather and we hope that when you need a reliable roofer, Linta Roofing will be your first choice.

Jeffrey Linta

Jeffrey Linta is a 3rd generation roofer who grew up working in his family's roofing business (Linta Roofing, Inc.). He got his start tearing off roofs during the summer while attending North Myrtle Beach High School. Now running one of the most successful roofing businesses in the Grand Strand area, Jeffrey has lived and breathed roofing for his entire working career. Some of his accolades include GAF Master Elite Contractor, SC Safehome certified contractor, Group 5 SC Licensed Commercial Contractor, and GAF Master Commercial roofing contractor. Under his leadership, Linta Roofing, Inc. has served thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Grand Strand area. Linta Roofing achieved awards like the Sun News’s “Best of the Beach” and A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all while receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews year after year. Jeffrey is a Grand Strand born and raised local. When he is not running Linta Roofing, he spends time fishing with his wife Erica and walking the beach with his dog Dixie.