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5 Problems with a Roof Repair (When You Need a Replacement)

November 29th, 2023 | 5 min read

By Jeffrey Linta

Have you ever had a car that you just couldn’t let go of?

Repair after repair and you realize “This is getting so costly, I may as well buy a new car!”

We’ve all been there. 

Repairs on your roof can be quite similar to repairs on your car. Think about it, doesn’t it seem like every time your mechanic repairs your old car something else goes awry?

Your roof is no different. The first repair or two may be necessary. But after that, you could be fixing a lemon.

With over 400 repairs completed every year, we at Linta Roofing recognize the conditions where a repair is warranted and when a roof needs replacing.

Whether you have an older roof or you are someone who has had multiple repairs on your roof, this article is for you. Here we pull back the curtain to discuss the top 5 problems you may face with roof repairs, including everything from cost to warranties.

This article will give you the necessary information you need to decide whether a roof repair is the right solution for you, or not.

It is important to note the age of your roof. If your roof is only a few years old with mild damage, you may benefit from a repair. 

However, if your roof is 15+ years old, a repair may cause more harm than good. Repairs on an old roof open up the possibility for more damage. If your roof is in poor condition overall, your contractor may repair the specific area of concern, but that damage could spread to a new location on your roof after a repair. A reputable roofing company should inform you of this if they believe your roof needs a replacement.

It’s disheartening to hear a homeowner’s woes when they’ve had multiple repairs on their roof — and the underlying issue persists.

For example:

A roof leak can be difficult to locate. If your roofer is not able to thoroughly address what is causing the leak, a repair may or may not resolve the real issue with your roof.

Continuously patching up problem areas can cost you more in the long run than a replacement. As a homeowner, you pay twice, once in dollars and again in peace of mind.

Repairs cost less in the short term, but depending on how many repairs you have, the cost can add up. Roof repairs can cost as low as $400. But depending upon the damage, repairs could cost up to $5,000 or even $10,000

For example: 

Detecting water leaks can be a challenge, particularly when addressing repairs on an aging roof. Pinpointing the origin of a leak can be tricky and may involve multiple efforts to resolve the issue.

Even after successfully finding and fixing the cause, it doesn’t extend the lifespan of the rest of the roof. The remaining shingles are still in their original condition and are susceptible to similar problems.

Multiple repairs could eventually add up to the price of a full replacement. In the end, a roof still needs a full replacement after 15-25 years regardless of how many repairs you’ve had. 

Not only that, but multiple repairs can impact the value of your home. This is important if you are interested in selling your home in the future.

When you make a repair on your roof, it can be quite obvious to the naked eye. A 10-year-old shingle will not match the look of a new shingle. This is because older shingles have already been impacted by discoloration due to sun exposure, weather, and/or algae even if they do not need immediate repair.

Not only that but over time, shingle manufacturers offer new colors and styles. Due to high competition in the shingle manufacturing industry, companies consistently update and change the shingles they offer.

If your original shingles are discontinued, you will not be able to repair your roof with a perfect style or color match. Not only does this affect the look of your roof, but it also lowers the value of your home.

Mismatched shingles on your roof tell a story to a potential buyer. The story is that the roof will likely need to be replaced after they purchase your home. This is a task that can deter potential homebuyers.

Adversely, a new roof will increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to homebuyers.

If selling your home is not a concern for you at the moment, consider what will happen in the future when you repair a roof that needs a replacement.

Eventually, roofs will reach a point where they are deemed by an insurance carrier ‘non-repairable’.


As shingles age, they become brittle and more prone to damage. Your roofer will need to lift up surrounding shingles during a repair to take up the existing nails. This could cause stress to the shingles above and adjacent to the damaged shingle, leading to an even larger weakened area in comparison to the rest of the roof. 

If the shingles in the damaged area are too brittle, your roofer may not be able to make a repair at all. A common term used in the insurance industry for this scenario is “non-repairable”. 

For example: 

A roof that has reached an advanced level of deterioration (15 to 25 years) and has minor wind damage is likely eligible for a full roof replacement from their insurance carrier. In this situation, the roof is deemed “non-repairable”. However, if you attempt repairs on this type of damage, an insurance claim approval may no longer be an option. 

A reputable roofing company should always let you know if a repair could cause your roof further damage. It is always wise to call a roofing company that helps you through the insurance process as they understand how a repair on a roof in this condition can negatively impact you later. 

Not only that, but a roofer who has experience with insurance claims can help you review your policy limits and determine whether or not you will be able to make an insurance claim at all

It is rare that your roofer will offer any kind of warranty on a minor repair. This is because it can lead a customer to believe that a minor repair to one area of their roof will constitute full responsibility to that contractor over the whole area or the entire roofing system. 

Roof repairs usually involve fixing specific issues and may not provide the comprehensive coverage that a new roof installation would. Because of this manufacturers will not warranty their materials for a repair. 

To ensure peace of mind about your warranty, you may benefit from a full replacement rather than a repair on your roof. 

When deciding on a repair or a replacement, it may be reminiscent of an experience you’ve had with an old car. You make plenty of repairs, but in the end, you still need a new car.

This may leave you wondering how much money you could have saved had you just bought a new car in the first place. 

Your roof is similar in this way.

Just like your car, repairs are sometimes necessary to extend the life of your investment. But with multiple repairs, you may end up pouring more money than necessary into your roof, causing you plenty of frustration in the process.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to get approved by insurance for a full replacement. Replacing a roof that is too far gone will save you thousands of dollars — rather than attempting multiple repairs. Not only that, but it may also offer you peace of mind for years to come.

If you have had multiple repairs, it is time to speak with a roofer who will provide clarity on whether it is best to repair or replace your roof moving forward.

Now that you know the issues with repairing a roof that should be replaced, you are better equipped to speak with your roofer about your options. After discovering issues with roof repairs, you might be curious about the cost of a roof replacement in the Myrtle Beach area. If you’re prepared to gauge the potential cost for your home’s roof, utilize our Linta instant estimator for a quick estimate within seconds!

Jeffrey Linta

Jeffrey Linta is a 3rd generation roofer who grew up working in his family's roofing business (Linta Roofing, Inc.). He got his start tearing off roofs during the summer while attending North Myrtle Beach High School. Now running one of the most successful roofing businesses in the Grand Strand area, Jeffrey has lived and breathed roofing for his entire working career. Some of his accolades include GAF Master Elite Contractor, SC Safehome certified contractor, Group 5 SC Licensed Commercial Contractor, and GAF Master Commercial roofing contractor. Under his leadership, Linta Roofing, Inc. has served thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Grand Strand area. Linta Roofing achieved awards like the Sun News’s “Best of the Beach” and A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all while receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews year after year. Jeffrey is a Grand Strand born and raised local. When he is not running Linta Roofing, he spends time fishing with his wife Erica and walking the beach with his dog Dixie.