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Problems with Choosing Light-Colored Roofing Shingles (Common Misconceptions)

December 8th, 2023 | 2 min read

By Jeffrey Linta

Selecting the perfect shingle color for your roof can be a challenging decision. It may seem to involve a balance of aesthetic preference and practicality. But, in most scenarios, the color of your shingles does not have a major effect on your roof or home’s well-being.

You might think light-colored shingles keep your home cooler and save energy, but that’s not always true.

As a local roofing company, Linta Roofing installs around 400 new roofs each year in Myrtle Beach. While there are several practical variables to consider before a roof replacement, color is not necessarily one of them.

When choosing colors for your home’s roof, let’s clarify two misconceptions about light-colored shingles.

Light-colored shingles typically do not contribute to reduced temperature and energy expenses unless they are white or closely resemble white.

White shingles reflect light and absorb less heat than dark shingles. Choosing white shingles has the potential to result in energy bill savings, with possible reductions ranging from 20% to 30% in certain situations.

However, if your home is effectively insulated, the installation of white shingles is less likely to yield these significant savings.

White shingles
Light gray shingles

A white shingle will not guarantee savings in all scenarios. So if you do not like the aesthetic look of a white shingle this option may not be a good fit for you. The main factors that affect the temperature in your home are insulation and attic ventilation, not the color of your shingles.

Not only that, but many people think light-colored shingles last longer, which is not always the case.

In most scenarios, the color of your shingles will not impact your roof’s longevity. If the lifespan of your roof is a top concern, it is more important that your shingles are installed properly. You will also want to consider the quality of the kind of shingle you choose. 

Algae on gray shingles

Light-colored shingles show algae more easily than dark-colored shingles when it comes to upkeep. This is notable if you live in a tree-lined area, as this atmosphere is more prone to promote algae growth on your roof. 

If you would like to install light-colored shingles, make sure to choose a shingle with great algae resistance protection. For example, GAF offers shingles with 10 to 30-year algae warranties. This is a great warranty to take advantage of if you like the aesthetic look of light-colored shingles. 

The aesthetic look you desire is entirely at your discretion as the homeowner.

Choosing a color for your shingles can cause some undue pressure. After all, a new roof is a financial commitment and an investment that should last 15-25 years or more.

There are many false ideas about shingles, like the “30-year shingle” myth or the idea that light-colored shingles are the best. Having read this article, we hope that you have some clarity about whether light-colored shingles are right for you or not. 

Ultimately, determining whether light-colored shingles are suitable for your home comes down to your individual preference. To make your roof last longer, focus on choosing the right shingle type instead of its color. 

We suggest you choose a color that will compliment your home, even if that means the shingle color is darker. In our experience, our customers are glad when they choose the shingle color they love.

As you settle on the perfect color, it’s natural to ponder, “What will the cost be?” and “How will the installation unfold?” These are significant queries on your path to achieving a new roof.

Undoubtedly, your roofing journey may lead to various questions, but fear not – we’re here to assist you every step of the way! With the valuable insights from this article, you can now make your shingle color choice with confidence, aligning it seamlessly with your preferences and requirements.

Jeffrey Linta

Jeffrey Linta is a 3rd generation roofer who grew up working in his family's roofing business (Linta Roofing, Inc.). He got his start tearing off roofs during the summer while attending North Myrtle Beach High School. Now running one of the most successful roofing businesses in the Grand Strand area, Jeffrey has lived and breathed roofing for his entire working career. Some of his accolades include GAF Master Elite Contractor, SC Safehome certified contractor, Group 5 SC Licensed Commercial Contractor, and GAF Master Commercial roofing contractor. Under his leadership, Linta Roofing, Inc. has served thousands of homeowners and business owners in the Grand Strand area. Linta Roofing achieved awards like the Sun News’s “Best of the Beach” and A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau all while receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews year after year. Jeffrey is a Grand Strand born and raised local. When he is not running Linta Roofing, he spends time fishing with his wife Erica and walking the beach with his dog Dixie.